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Our benefits

Royal benefits for our royal family

Finally an insurance company that is on the people’s side! King Price offers super cheap insurance, without any compromise. Click here to join our royal family now and you will get to experience all the following royal benefits too...

Super cheap premiums that decrease monthly

Unlike other insurers, King Price automatically reduces your car insurance premium every month, as the value of your car goes down.

We say ‘no’ to the bogus ‘no claim bonus’

Say ‘no’ to all those insurers who inflate your premium at first, just to give back your own money to you as a 'no claim bonus' later (if you're lucky). Rather say ‘yes’ to King Price where all our clients pay less... IMMEDIATELY!

We will not let you pay for something that you do not need

Many insurance ‘benefits’ are nothing but smoke and mirrors. King Price gives you the same all-inclusive insurance cover as everyone else... Just at a super cheap price and without any of those pointless benefits that you will never use.

We are backed by Munich Re.

Bigger IS usually better, which is why King Price is backed by Munich Re, our Reinsurer of choice and THE world leader in risk reinsurance. This means that you can have peace of mind, knowing that we have your back.